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If you have visited this web site in the past year you have noticed that its appearance has drastically changed. I did this today, in a couple of hours. This is the beauty of WordPress web sites.

The old theme was titled Twenty Seventeen and it is the current default design for WordPress. However, I never got the site to look like what I wanted and I messed up quite a few things in the process of trying to change the design into something that I felt represented us. 

Since it is a “snow day” in Central Wisconsin, on 3 April, the kids have been sent home from school early,  and it is still snowing, and is expected to continue up to midnight, (in the last four days we have returned to the snow cover that we had last January after having most of the snow melt) I felt that it would be a good day to noodle around with pzphoto.com again.

I began by looking at some themes that I already had installed, but not yet used. Customizr, by nikeo caught my eye at first but with a little more searching I found Escapade by GoDaddy and decided to go with it after some experimentation, which is another beautiful thing about WordPress; you can test a theme with your content before deciding to launch.

I’m not done with the refurb; there are some things that I still have to adjust and add but, I now have a design that I like better than the last and I know that it can become better. 

You have to understand that I am not a coder and I do not have any formal training in web design, which probably drives actual web professionals batty. I have had a few previous web sites, one cost me $5000, another previous to it, cost me a few hundred. The expensive one was OK. I liked it in the beginning but I liked it a lot less when the company that designed that WordPress based site wanted another $5K to maintain it for another year. At that point I decided that I’d try it on my own; learn by doing, which is a creative way of saying that I expected  to make mistakes. I did. I make fewer now and I’ll make more in the future, but it’s not costing me much because WordPress is open source, that is free, and very well documented. So I can have fun learning and communicating without sucking our wallet dry; which is another beautiful thing about WordPress!

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