Your session with us is all about you and your experience. For this reason we ask you call ahead to schedule an appointment, so we can be prepared to offer you our best service.

Studio Hours:
By appointment 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday morning by prior arrangements

Session Fees:
Deluxe Studio Session: $60.00 – 1 hour in studio
Environmental Session: $90.00 – 1 hour outdoors
Both Worlds Session: $120.00 – 2.5 hours combined studio and outdoor
Location Session beyond 10 miles: $125.00 per hour

If you are looking for quality portraits of your family, children or graduates, call 715-536-4540 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you to create memorable portraits to share and enjoy.

What Should You Wear?
Years of experience have taught us the littlest details can make the biggest difference in your portrait. In order to make your session enjoyable with successful results, be sure to consider the following tips from our experienced photographer.

Simplicity is always the best choice when choosing clothing for your portrait session. Darker colors are usually best for light-skinned people, and lighter colors are best for people with dark skin. Avoid patterns, as they are a distraction and compete with your face. The darkest part of the outfit should be on the bottom.

For outdoor portrait sessions, dark colors and earth tones are best. Avoid white or similar light colors as they compete with the dark backgrounds we find outdoors. Unless the session is being done with bright fall colors, avoid yellow, orange and red when sessions are in forested areas like parks. Always wear the darkest colors on the bottom of the outfit.

Long sleeves are the best choice. Bare arms compete with the face and often appear larger because of their lighter tone.

Glasses present problems like distortion and glare. The simplest and cheapest way to correct these problems is to borrow empty frames from your eye doctor. It is especially important to have empty frames if you have “photo-gray” lenses in your glasses. Artwork can correct distortion, glare and tints, but there are extra fees associated with these services.

While paying attention to these tips be sure to choose a wardrobe that represents you and will ensure your comfort during the photography session. Wearing clothes you feel confident in will your personality shine in your portraits.

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