Oh, That’s Not Good

Every once in a while someone does you a favor but it doesn’t turn out to be so wonderful. That’s what I experienced today; but spoiler alert: the problem reversed rather quickly.

I’ve been using GoDaddy.com for several years to host our website www.pzphoto.com. And in general, I’ve been very happy with the products that I buy through them. Their technical/customer service is outstanding, and that’s why I’m writing this post.

The “favor” that I referred to in the lead paragraph was a WordPress software upgrade that GoDaddy performed for me. Now generally speaking that would be a good thing, but this upgrade MAY have caused my firewall to be disabled. Since we normally get attacked several times a month, and during some periods of time, several times a day, having firewall protection is essential. But mine disappeared.

I contacted the authors of the firewall software and filed a service ticket. The answer I got gave me instructions on how to reinstall the software. Well, I must have misread or misinterpreted the instructions. Do you know it only takes about five seconds to make your web site disappear from the internet? And you can not access your plug-ins either, which makes the  back-up/restore software that you’ve been using very useless!

I’ve learned not to panic in situations like this. What you must do instead is call customer service where all of the experts live. It turns out that the subscription we have includes back-ups of the web site and by using the files that GoDaddy had stored, the site was visible again in about 30 minutes. Thanks Guys!

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