Here Ducky, Ducky!

Mike-duck-dockThe annual visit by a family of duck siblings will begin at our studio on April 10 and the flock will depart on the 19th. It’s a fun time and the event draws a lot of kids that are amazed by the small yellow birds that swim in our indoor pond while cheeping at and splashing each other.  We get the best images of children during “Duck Week.”

So, you may be wondering “how does someone dig a pond in a hardwood floor?” Actually, it’s pretty easy. Leave the shovels in the garage. Start with 4, eight foot 2 x 6 boards and cut one foot off one end. Save the cut-offs because they will be used as  braces in each corner. Fasten the boards together and fasten the braces that have had 45 degree cuts mad on the ends into each corner. Line the 7×7 foot square with two layers of  heavy black landscaping plastic and add water. The dock is built with weathered wood and gently placed with two of its legs inside the pond. Add water, “landscaping” and kids. You’re done.

There is something that you must be very concerned about however: anything sharp. One year we filled the pond and I found, a few minutes later,  that I had a rain storm in the basement! Something pierced the liner that we had used the year previous. Now we always start with a new, double layer, liner, made of the thickest plastic we can buy locally,and make sure that all of the screw points are recessed in the wood.  And the dock’s legs? They have all of their edges rounded and they are inspected for any stones or other objects that may have become imbedded in the wood since the last use.


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